Sunday off.

Every week I take sunday off from mystery game writing. Mystery games are, after all, my business, and so I spend time doing other things, or even other writing work on Sundays.

Today has been a “no work” day. I’ve not even looked at a screenplay or novel today. Instead I’ve been in the garden with friends most of the afternoon and am heading back to church soon for the evening service.

It’s great to have a new pastor who is a little more computer literate, as it means his weekly sermons go on his blog so you can catch up if you miss one. My only problem is that I still don’t have any speakers that work with my PC. My suspicion is the soundcard is absent from the main box – so my task for this week (should I choose to accept it) is to take the cover off my old CPU to see if there is anything in there that might helpfully be labelled “Sound card” or something and then see if I can work out how to fit it into the new CPU so that I can actually listen to Graham’s sermons amongst other things!

The lack of working speakers has certainly made things quiet – there are no insistent “beeps” when things crash, and no irritating “bongs” when other windows pop up out of the blue. But when videos from Google arrive to help me make the most of my pay-per-click advertising it can get a bit annoying listening to them. In fact – the last feedback I gave to google on their self-help video was “can we have some subtitles next time?” I suspect they filed that comment amongst the other “cranks”.

Other task pending over the next week is to locate an “idiots guide” to HTML coding. I really need to brush up on stuff if I’m going to make a go of my on-line business.

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