Catching up…

After posting a recent review on the Red Herring Games blog and updating that – I happened to notice I hadn’t made it back to my own blog in nearly 3 weeks!! Whoops!

To be honest – I didn’t think anyone really followed my little musings on here, (apart from Sally and Emma) but it turns out my Dad reads these too (Hello dad) so I figured I really ought to post something sooner rather than later!

This holiday has seen me take a complete break of…er… 1 day from Red Herring Games. Fortunately there have been no printed orders to keep up with, so I have managed to:

a) spend time with my family (very important)

b) spend time formatting a new game for sale

c) sort out where I am going next – i.e. into supplying all sorts of optional extras for the murder mystery site, handcuffs, fingerprinting equipment, crime scene tape, pens, detective note books, blood… some of which are already up and available to purchase, others are still in the pipeline. Which means sometime in January we’ll start offering “deluxe” kits.

d) Finish off episode 1 of “Quest” the latest screenplay to be sent into the writersroom at the BBC (probably in time for a rejection around end of Jan I think…) There is a short excerpt on under Michelle Goode’s really useful post about avoiding expositional dialogue as I realised I had done just that! (Hence my sure rejection in Jan!) You live and learn.

As to the usual festive treats. Is it just me, or was the Radio Times only produced for fire lighting material this year? There is simply NOTHING on! Fortunately we are seeing a lot of friends and in between times benefitting from a good DVD collection.

New Years Resolutions starts by way of a Red Herring must do list:
– Chinese Murder Mystery (small group)
– Pirate Murder Mystery (small group)
– Single room cast based Halloween game
– Single room cast based Christmas game
– Oscars themed game, multi-room and single room
– Something with a windmill protester in it (customer request).

Health Visitors

Tristan had his 3 year check on Monday. He passed. How could he not when he was bright enough for this:

Health visitor hands him a box of brick style toys. “What can you make with this?”

Tristan tips out the box at his feet. “A mess.”


Pregnancy from a kids perspective.

Iona came home yesterday and announced to us that her teacher was having a baby.

“That’s great!” said Magnus, “What is she having, a boy or a girl?”

To which Iona replied: “It looked like a teddy bear to me.”

Did I enjoy Saturday Night?

Er… well I think the pictures speak for themselves!!

These are just a few shots from the “Surgical Strike” evening. There were quite a few more… but these are the only ones I think no-one is going to object to me posting…