Been a while.

Once again – it seems like a while since I was on the blog updating my status. I won’t bore you with details however… for those who do like to know, the last custom order is all but completed (just the formatting to go). The editing has come back on “Last Will and Testament” and that will go live on Monday, and Mark has fixed so that is all pictured and just waiting for me to tweek here and there to ring some changes between the two sites when I have a few minutes. RHG is also branching out into gifts in 2010, so keep eyes peeled for daft criminal gimmicks which will appear as I find them!

On an entirely different note, my daughter popped the precursor question to “where to babies come from?” on friday, and asked me “Why do women have periods?”. Trying to explain the whole process to a five year old without using techical language (and trying to keep away from the “how do the babies get in there” question), is quite hard, and for some reason we got onto the tangent of mouldy bread, and so now I think she’s convinced that a) babies eat bread in the womb, and b) mummy’s bread goes off pretty quickly. Hey ho. I really need to get my “lift the flap” where do babies come from book illustrated soon.

And shifting topic once again… sitting at lunch today, I suddenly realised once again how age-orientated names are. It seems funny to think that in 60 or so years time, there will be wrinkly old women and cantankerous old men bearing names like Kylie and Beckham being doubly incontinent and littering the beds in old people’s homes. I wonder whether the Peggy and William generation thought the same when they were our age…

Oh dear… over two weeks since last blog…

Er… what can I say? I’ve been busy….

Still, the spat of event organising finished on Wednesday 17th with a repeat of “A Highland Fling” – for an absolutely fabulous audience from Novartis. Photos below:

On the business front, I’ve managed to total by causing major image problems with the new site, so although it’s live, we’ve lost all the game images, so poor Mark at Crystal Pyramid is in the process of deleting and reuploading a whole new website (which is apparently the only way to fix the problem)… oh dear…

However, my notebooks and pens are now here! Hurrah! Which means RHG is now selling complete accessory kits, which include crime scene tape, notebooks and pens, handcuffs and a fingerprinting kit. Keep an eye out for Evidence Bag wrap which should be available later in the year once I’ve found a supplier able to print the correct size of bags. (Not an easy task it seems, as I need something non-standard.)

Just had a rejection from the BBCwritersroom for “Quest” this morning which is not a big surprise, however, they still have two scripts from much earlier in the year knocking around in their writersroom submission process somewhere, so is it good news that I’ve heard nothing for over 5 months, or have they just lost them??? I suppose there is nothing i can do but wait and see.

Youngest son has turned into such a dreadful nightmare child these last two weeks, pushing over his pre-school teacher, sticking stickers into his best friends hair, hitting his sister, breaking several toy boxes, pulling not just the shelves, but the brakets and the wall plugs off the wall and very nearly toppling our TV (as well as a few other things that I won’t post on here as they are far too disturbing) that we are jokingly considering sending him to Afghanistan as the solution to the crisis. With him on the loose we figure Osama Bin Laden will walk out with his hands in the air begging to be captured!!

Still, things could be worse I suppose… they could both be playing the role of “bad cop”. (why is it when one child is super naughty the other is super good???)

Anyway – I am supposed to be in the middle of a big customisation work for a pharmaceutical company rather than blogging, so I suppose I better get back to work…

Workshop request.

Had a surprise conversation yesterday. Was asked by Caxton theatre who are hosting the North Eastern Region Theatres Conference this year if I would consider running a couple of workshops for them on murder mystery games.

Apparently last year a group in Sunderland hosted the event and they had Fiona Evans, a writer from Eastenders, Casualty, Doctors, Holby City and a produced and critically reviewed playwrite to deliver a workshop.

This year they wondered whether I’d come instead.

Well, talk about a surprise! Of course I was flattered to be asked, but I’m hardly a “star writer” or anything. Did I accept? Er, yeah. What a networking opportunity…

Although my acceptance came with a few warnings.
a) I talk fast.
b) I have no idea what they want me to talk about, so if they don’t give me some guidelines I’m likely to babble nonsense.
c) I talk fast.

Nadine says she’ll give me a few guidelines and if I tear off at supersonic she promises me she’ll start asking questions to slow me down!

So I have until October the 9th to bite my fingernails down to stubs and see if I can get any sort of writing credentials to my name to sound like I am “somebody”.

I don’t suppose winning 3rd in the Scottish Young Writers competition at age 15 counts….