Workshop request.

Had a surprise conversation yesterday. Was asked by Caxton theatre who are hosting the North Eastern Region Theatres Conference this year if I would consider running a couple of workshops for them on murder mystery games.

Apparently last year a group in Sunderland hosted the event and they had Fiona Evans, a writer from Eastenders, Casualty, Doctors, Holby City and a produced and critically reviewed playwrite to deliver a workshop.

This year they wondered whether I’d come instead.

Well, talk about a surprise! Of course I was flattered to be asked, but I’m hardly a “star writer” or anything. Did I accept? Er, yeah. What a networking opportunity…

Although my acceptance came with a few warnings.
a) I talk fast.
b) I have no idea what they want me to talk about, so if they don’t give me some guidelines I’m likely to babble nonsense.
c) I talk fast.

Nadine says she’ll give me a few guidelines and if I tear off at supersonic she promises me she’ll start asking questions to slow me down!

So I have until October the 9th to bite my fingernails down to stubs and see if I can get any sort of writing credentials to my name to sound like I am “somebody”.

I don’t suppose winning 3rd in the Scottish Young Writers competition at age 15 counts….

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