Newspaper article.

Unfortunately I missed the Compass FM interview yesterday, however the Grimsby Telegraph have run a repeat article in the what’s on section today about our Charity Bond night. You can find the details below:

The Game’s Bond

oooo – a celebrity!

I can’t believe it! Rod Archer from CompassFM has asked to act in our charity murder mystery for the M.S. Society! Rod is now taking the part of “Boris Blastimov” – the Russian general.

Emma Fairhall recorded an interview with Rod last week which will be airing sometime between 2 and 3 on Compass FM.

Tickets are still available for the event. Details are here:

The Spy Who Killed Me!

And the work continues…

It’s been a busy few days. In the last week I’ve added the editing to “Halloween Hotel Horror” and listed it for sale on RHG, completed “Another one bites the dust” – a joint project with Paul Fairhall, and formatted two other games ready for sale when the voice over recordings arrive.

I’ve also been busy networking thanks to the BNI. It goes without saying that there are a lot of interesting people out there – but now, at last, I’m getting to meet them all! I seem to be stretching out in all directions. (I just hope my elastic holds!)

And in between doing all of that I’m busy promoting the Charity Murder Mystery at the Oaklands Hotel at the start of October. It started off with some mailshots of past customers, and then progressed to the newspaper article (see posts below this one), then I threatened the BNI with a silenced gun last week, and since then have progressed to putting a banner (an enormous banner thanks to Jeff at HDB signs) on Lovelane corner – you can’t miss it – it’s 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres, ringing around the local radio stations, emailing colleges, social groups and just today I’ve been sticking leaflets through people’s mail boxes…

Needless to say I’ve got a bit of a headache right now – it’s been a frantic few days. I think I deserve a nice relaxing soak in the tub.

I’m on facebook

OK – I admit – I’m a luddite at heart… It’s only taken me – how long? – to get on facebook.

I think the site has improved itself since i first took the first tentative steps on it and then bunged out in fright, but now that I’ve re-registered it all makes a lot more sense… I think… That said, it’ll take me a while to get my head around it all – so if anyone contacts me through there please bear with me and if you aren’t immediate family and I only know you from twitter, blogger or Red Herring Games – please tell me that’s where I know you from! I seem to have a lot of requests coming in and a lot of “you might know these people” faces and it’s all a blur! I don’t want to miss anyone! – if I do – it’s not because I’m being rude. Although…. maybe I should try that one day – it could be fun!

Grimsby telegraph – article now in.

Many thanks to the Grimsby Telegraph for finally putting an article in the paper about the upcoming murder mystery game on the 2nd October – it’s great to have some local support for the event and we hope to sell out the tickets and have a full house

Everything is just about set to go for the evening, with the usual last minute acting hitches (presently I’m 1 male down) but that will resolve nearer the time as I’m sure I can find someone to put on a russian accent at short notice.

The telegraph titled the article “The game’s Bond” which I thought was kind of catchy… I think I’ll use that in my next 60 second BNI speech.

Here is a photo of everyone involved in the evening including Emma Fairhall and Ann and Stan Hunter.

First day of school

Well, yesterday was the first day of school for my eldest daughter. Did I feel emotional? Well… a little. Certainly when I put her in her uniform and took the requisite “first day” photographs I felt a little tearful, but by the time we arrived at the school all that was behind me.

She was so keen to go it was unbelieveable and to make things better her best friend from pre-school two years ago turned out to be in her class so they went in together and left me and Tristan outside at the fence. Poor little thing, he was distraught losing his big sister…

However – that’s all changing today as he has his first settling in session himself at pre-school and his beside himself with excitement. Needless to say the camera has been out again this morning – but they aren’t in the mood to pose (grrr) – however – I did manage one good shot of them both.

talk over – phew.

Well, thankfully, that’s the women’s fellowship talk finished and concluded, though it seems I might have another booking in the new year to do it again so I’ve kept everything together.

So – the question you probably want to ask is: Did it go well? The answer to that I think is “yes” – certainly they all seemed to enjoy themselves even though some didn’t catch most of my words.

Did I talk fast then? Hmmm… let’s just say that one of the ladies asked if I was asthmatic as I seemed to struggle to breathe between sentences!! Shame on me!

However I think I have a few interested in the murder mystery games and who knows, perhaps some will join us at the Oaklands in a month’s time, where hopefully I won’t be speaking… as if I do get drafted in to cover a part at short notice I think they will probably wave off!!