talk over – phew.

Well, thankfully, that’s the women’s fellowship talk finished and concluded, though it seems I might have another booking in the new year to do it again so I’ve kept everything together.

So – the question you probably want to ask is: Did it go well? The answer to that I think is “yes” – certainly they all seemed to enjoy themselves even though some didn’t catch most of my words.

Did I talk fast then? Hmmm… let’s just say that one of the ladies asked if I was asthmatic as I seemed to struggle to breathe between sentences!! Shame on me!

However I think I have a few interested in the murder mystery games and who knows, perhaps some will join us at the Oaklands in a month’s time, where hopefully I won’t be speaking… as if I do get drafted in to cover a part at short notice I think they will probably wave off!!

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