Kids and the things they say…

wantedposterThis week has been another week where my youngest has had the experience of losing his dog (bed time toy).  Fortunately this time around he’s a little older, 5, and is prepared to adopt another toy to sleep with, but the fact poor dog went missing again was a disaster for him even at this age.

Given that his sister hid it last time around our first port of call was, as you’d expect, his sister.  Who said “Why do you always blame me?”  To which we replied, “Because last time YOU hid it”.  Obviously she rejected that as being totally unfair… strop strop strop. (she’s 7 going on 17…)

Anyway, after a day’s searching I turned to my son and said:

“I just can’t find him anywhere, Tristan, I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.”

To which he replied,

“Then mummy, you’ll just have to start looking in places you can’t think of.”

The logic of a child!!

And perhaps I should mention before closing… it DID turn up – on an incredibly high shelf behind a stack of books because his SISTER had thrown him up there…. vindicated!

It’s not what you do it’s the way that you DEAL with it!

iStock_000018389351XSmallEven with the best business, there will come a time when you make a mistake.  This might be a small one or a big one, but trust me, even with the best of intentions, a mistake will eventually happen.

You might break something, or lose something (as a certain delivery company did for one of my postal orders in the last week).  You might accidentally hit someone’s car when reversing, or you might misspack an order as we did the other week.

Mistakes happen.  After all, we’re only human and everyone knows that everyone makes mistakes; but I’m always surprised by companies who fail to hold their hand up to their mistakes and handle complaints well – after all, they should KNOW it’s going to happen eventually – so why don’t they train their staff to handle the issue when it arises?

How your company handles a mistake will mean more for your company then the actual complaint itself.  You deal with it correctly and customers will actually spread more good word about your business then they would do if the order had been correct in the first place.

I know that sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  You get good service from someone, you expect it, you get exceptional service from someone following a problem – you tell EVERYONE.

So when you set up in business, don’t forget to have a system in place for dealing with problems.  Decide in advance what it will be.

Good customer service is paramount for my company and we have a robust system in place to deal with any mistakes. I know this system works as we had this response posted on facebook from a customer recently following an incident:

I would like say a Big Thankyou to Red Herring Games..a mistake was made with our Murder mystery game which Red Herring games held thier hands up to and couldn’t have been nicer about how they dealt with it…A very good company indeed and I look forward to giving it another go 🙂

So hold your hand up to any mistakes you might make in business.  It’s not WHAT you’ve done – it’s HOW you deal with it that will be remembered by everyone concerned.