Hectic… hmmm that just isn’t the word

Well, it seems ages since I managed to make it to this blog and catch up. A lot has happened since last week. So where do I start… Urm.. work I suppose…

Well, I’ve just had the edits back on the two games I’ve co-authored with Paul Fairhall, so they’re pending formatting and activation – a job for next week. I’ve got a new Oscars themed game roughed out and on the way for the clue based section, and RHG has been keeping me busy with printed orders, which are coming in regularly.

Added to all that I volunteered (got flattered into) being membership coordinator for the BNI group I joined in August, and my first week in the hot-seat was this Wednesday. (It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting – thankfully!)

On the unpaid-work front:

Igloo Films wanted a new revision on the “With Jane in Mind” script – so that got revised over the weekend and so far I haven’t had any feedback one way or the other. They wanted the fish removing… shucks!

Keeping to the fishy theme, I was rejected for the “Northern Writers” competition last Friday so I revised Deep Rising a little and resubmitted that to the writersroom at the start of the week. Obviously it wasn’t the drama idea Northern Writers were looking for, but it didn’t make it a badly written screenplay so I figured – what the heck – it just needs to land on the right person’s desk. Someone somewhere must like fish…

And other than that, it’s just been the usual family, friends, and generally frenetic week.

Oddly, despite having Tristan at pre-school every morning I still don’t seem to have much more time…

Fundraising Fun!

The James Bond spoof murder mystery “The Spy Who Killed Me” is over. We ran the event on the 2nd October and raised £606 for the M.S. Society.

It goes without saying that my biggest thanks need to go to all those who took part in the event, our sponsors and of course all the guests who helped make the evening such a success!

Oddly after all enormous amount of work that went into running the murder mystery, the planning, the ton of letters, frantic calls to various people to help advertise the event, organising ticket sales, rehearsals and hours on the telephone – it hasn’t actually put me off running another. And I’m hoping to book another charity event in March – planning starting now of course.

The murder mystery went off without a hitch. We had 3 correct answers from 112 guests, which means there were just three out of a hundred with a devious mind like myself! It’s good to know I’m in a minority!

The only dissappointment in the evening was the pre-booked buffet which didn’t seem to stretch around all the guests as I’d expected. However, having chatted with the Manager of the hotel the morning afterwards, I have every confidence I can fix that problem for March to make that night even better.