Final Draft

For a while now I’ve been writing a screenplay for a small group of men from the Cleethorpes Camera Club. (No nothing sordid, and Yes, I suppose there is a murder in it at the end).

Anyway, it was the script’s first read through last night (something I approached with a bit of nervous apprehension), but veryone was really positive about my work. (Phew!) I went with draft number 6 last night (whoever said writing was revising was correct), but now, at last – it’s the FINAL draft, and at long last it has a name! “With Jane in mind”.

I must admit. After the initial nervous, “yeah, I wrote it,” I really enjoyed myself. I was able to hear some sections read through, and watch them acted out in front of a camera. It was a great experience, and being there on the spot meant I was able to adjust the odd line here and there as we went to make it flow better. I’ve even been given a cameo role. Checkout assistant. I suppose I better learn my lines!!

Oh I do love a good murder!

OK I admit, the bit I love the best about running my own large group murder mystery games is the props!

I spent last week producing these two. The flick knife shoe does actually work (even if the blade is plastic). The poison gas cylinder doesn’t (sadly), though if anyone does actually tamper with it, then the fire extinguisher underneath the black paint will undoubtedly fire and it could make for a very interesting night!

The watch face I had kicking about from another game a couple of years ago, but the wires and switch actually came out of my old hand mixer which I tore apart looking for a circuit board for a letter bomb.

Unfortunately the mixer didn’t have one. Pity. However I happen to know a very nice appliance salesman (thanks Frank) who will obtain a circuit board for me for free. The explosive will be easy. I’ve already purchase some semtex (white plastercine)!

There is something about the delete key…

It just draws me in….

“Press me”…
“Press me”…
“Press me”…
It’s kind of hypnotic! And all the more worrying because I always end up falling for it!

Anyway, apologies… Here I was with a thoroughly good expanding blog and what did I do – I deleted all my posts! Whoops! Argh! And people wonder how I come up with murder mystery plots so easily! Hey ho… let’s see if I can remember them all…

Red Planet Prize

Ok. Now I do remember this one as it was a bit of a double whammy last week. First the rejection from “Rise Summer Challenge” and then, within the space of two days an email from Red Planet Prize to say “sorry you are unsuccessful”.

Still, they did congratulate all the finalists (I was one) on the quality of the work, and also said that they would invite “some” of the finalists to a summer workshop. Now it’s just a case of keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that a) I’m one of the “some” and b) the workshops don’t fall in my holiday this year!

Book review

I also remember this post too as the book was very good. I got it as a present for mother’s day and read it within the week, which means it must have been gripping!
Needless to say it’s a brilliant read for all would-be mystery writers. It’s about the orginal murder case that started the whole detective fiction genre rolling. It’s a true story, but written in that new “non-fiction fiction” style that is so easy to read and places you right at the heart of the investigation.
The fact it came from my children for “Mother’s day” tickled me somewhat as Iona, I feel sure, would have decided to buy me a book of stickers and a badge and Tristan would have selected something with Thomas the Tank Engine on it, anything with Thomas the Tank Engine! (He is somewhat obsessed at the moment, but I am assured they all grow out of it.)

Another rejection

Unfortunately I am not immune to the rejection letters recieved by most aspiring authors. This time it’s an email from Rise Films. Looks like their “summer challenge” competition was too challenging for me. Hey ho. Life goes on. I still have room in the filing cabinet for a hundred more rejections and luckily still have a few irons in the fire.

Murder mystery fundraising game for MS well and truly underway!

What a day! Spent the morning leafleting local businesses and asking for sponsorship from local companies for the charity murder mystery event at a local hotel on the 24th April. The posters have aroused interested already – but I’m really waiting for the newspaper ad to go in before the big rush on tickets. We had two sell-out games locally last year, with tickets going like hot-cakes and I am hoping this year will be the same, especially as it’s all towards the MS society. So – if you are in North East Lincs, or North Lincs, or indeed fancy a weekend away near Grimsby – then book the 24th April in your diaries now and buy some tickets!