Final Draft

For a while now I’ve been writing a screenplay for a small group of men from the Cleethorpes Camera Club. (No nothing sordid, and Yes, I suppose there is a murder in it at the end).

Anyway, it was the script’s first read through last night (something I approached with a bit of nervous apprehension), but veryone was really positive about my work. (Phew!) I went with draft number 6 last night (whoever said writing was revising was correct), but now, at last – it’s the FINAL draft, and at long last it has a name! “With Jane in mind”.

I must admit. After the initial nervous, “yeah, I wrote it,” I really enjoyed myself. I was able to hear some sections read through, and watch them acted out in front of a camera. It was a great experience, and being there on the spot meant I was able to adjust the odd line here and there as we went to make it flow better. I’ve even been given a cameo role. Checkout assistant. I suppose I better learn my lines!!

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