The nut and bolts…

Oh well… back to the nuts and bolts of my day to day work. Writing, revising, proofing, answering customer queries and formating games ready for sale on Red Herring Games. One day I’ll get back to the novels, but while I have at least one child at home all day, that’ll have to wait.

Luckily once I’m set up I can write a murder mystery game with a child in one ear. In fact, the writing bit comes naturally, especially for certain games. (The small group dinner parties are easier than the large group games – less work and less complicated plotting).

The proofing and suggested revisions are also something I do quite easily for the new authors to mystery games, but it’s enfuriatingly time consuming as it isn’t as easy to write murder mystery games as people think. A proof and comments can take anything up to 3 hours for one game, a huge chunk out of my productive day.

There is a feeling that game writing is easy amongst the uninitiated. Admittedly I might manage a small group game in 17 hours these days, but that’s me. I’ve been doing it for several years now. Speak to some of my new authors and they’ll tell you they sweat over games.

Many people ask me how I write games, and it’s not an easy process to explain. I’ll go into it one blog, when I’m timewasting instead of getting on with work… hmmm… I think I might be doing that now… Oh well, maybe I really should switch programs and get on with the formatting that I am trying to avoid!

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