It’s a small world…

Like most writers, I’m also an avid reader.  This month is seeing me devouring “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins, one of the original murder mystery writers of the 1800s.  The book was serialised in “All the year round” at the time of the Road Hill Murder (see Suspicions of Mr Whicher on Amazon).  The Road hill murder was the very real murder which started out the whole murder mystery genre.

The book is well written though, do be warned it’s written in the 1800s so it isn’t fast paced chick lit – it’s classic writing, which means it needs to be read, not skimmed.  However the reason I mention it today is that I’ve just come upon a classic quote.

It’s not everyday you see the town in which you live mentioned in a book – unless of course you happen to be living somewhere like London – so when the word Grimsby crops up in literature to me it always makes me think “hey I live there”.

However – this mention was  a classic and so I just had to put it on the blog.  Excerpt from book (don’t worry it’s not a spoiler!)

Anne’s terror of being discovered in London or its neighbourhood, whenever they ventured to walk out, had gradually communicated itself to Mrs Clements; and she had determined on removing to one of the most out-of-the-way places in England – to the town of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, ….

Like I said – a classic quote!  Nice to know I live in one of the “most out-of-the-way places” in England!  (And that was in the 1800s at the hieght of the fishing industry so just imagine what it’s like living here now!!!)


Well – that’s it – I’ve done my first “real” interview as the employer.

Oddly I couldn’t help being reminded of the opening scenes of Shallow Grave where they are interviewing for a new flat mate and how I didn’t keep laughing I don’t know.

Shallow Grave flat mate interview

As you can imagine – the questions we decided on, for working in a murder mystery entertainments company, weren’t exactly what you might expect from a “standard” interview.  After all, anyone can blag an interview when it’s the standard “What are your weaknesses” and “Why do you want the job” questions.  Instead we went for things like “What are you reading at the  moment?”  “What do you think was the best cinema release this year”.

After all, the office is small, it’s still very much a “family run” business and I want to know whether I’m going to get on with them, as much as whether they’re going to be able to do the job!

However, after a morning of interviews, we did actually find the right person for the job!  So come September 6th Georgina Starkie will be joining the firm.

Georgina will be handling all the admin and on-line orders I’ve been struggling to keep up with – and what will I be doing?

Well, this year Red Herring Games is going to get BIG!  We’ve got franchising on the horison, and we’re increasing our event productions every month.  So don’t worry about me… I certainly won’t be twiddling my thumbs!  I’m going to have a year working ON the business rather then IN the business and see just how busy we can get!

Muscials, Murders, Mysteries… a catch all update!

Ok… well, it’s been a frenetic and exciting couple of weeks with me – hence – a shortage of blog posts.  For those keeping up with me on twitter – then that doesn’t matter.  For those who just keep up with the blog… well, here’s a summary:

Several new authors on Red Herring Games have kept me busy on the admin side of the business this July, proofing, formatting and getting new games live.  (Two new ones are due later this week – an allo allo spoof – Stiffen Very carefully by Michelle Crowther and The Mexican Mayan Mystery by yours truly.)

We’ve also been getting regular customisations to do, several event bookings (including two hen parties which have already happened in July, one in Derby at the Cathedral Quarter – and one in Grimsby at the Humber Royal) and added to that we’re in the middle of applications for our new apprentice due to start in September and franchising the business (yes – can you believe it – barely four years in and we’re franchising!).

Social Media Marketing for RHG has also been keeping me busy… ok ok… it’s an excuse to get totally distracted by Twitter, but it’s better then getting distracted by ebay – at least Twitter doesn’t cost me anything!

Anyway, as you can imagine Red Herring Games has been keeping me very busy… but that’s work, and enough of apologies!

What else is afoot (as Holmes would say).  Well, Curtain Up! are knee deep in rehearsals and (and dead bodies) for The Sound of Murder!   – (that’s the problem with producing a murder mystery by yours truly, the body count is usually high).  I received delivery of my official T-Shirt today logo’d with the art work.  (So now I have really been there, done that and got the T-shirt!)  Notice please the “Written by…” Needless to say I am VERY excited about it all.  If you want any tickets – the details are here: Curtain Up Productions: The Sound of Murder!

The kids are on the school holidays so we’ve been jet setting off here and there every week.  Chester Zoo was the most recent day trip of this week.

The baby elephants had to be the highlight of the day!  Everyone say ah!

Next week it’s the turn of the National Train Museum in York (YET AGAIN! – the problem of having an avid young train fanatic in the family) and if all goes to plan, it’ll be off to Robin Hoods bay to hammer out some fossils and thus contribute to the eroding cliffsides.  (A hobby of mine when I’m not putting pen to paper – or should I say, finger to key board?)

The BBC are running their Alfred Bradley award again this year for Northern Writers – and I’m ever hopeful I’ll get a pitch in before the deadline of the 15th September.  This time around it’s a finished script in any genre and a pitch they’re looking for.  Pitches are harder to write then  the actual scripts I find, so that’ll probably take me more time then honing Chasing Thunder, which is the screenplay I’m going to submit as my supporting piece this time around (they didn’t think much to Deep Rising it seems at the Writersroom, so no point going there again.  Shame.  I loved that one – all Krakan Wakes kind of feel.)

For other writers reading this blog – there are a host of great competitions and opportunities out on the BBC writersroom at the moment and I’d seriously give them a look.  They host some of the best competitions out there for new writers, and the roadshows they run from time to time are well worth going to as well.

Anyway – that’s me.  I was long overdue for an update, but if I’m going to get anything acheived in August, I guess it’s less time on the blog and more time on the grindstone.