Well – that’s it – I’ve done my first “real” interview as the employer.

Oddly I couldn’t help being reminded of the opening scenes of Shallow Grave where they are interviewing for a new flat mate and how I didn’t keep laughing I don’t know.

Shallow Grave flat mate interview

As you can imagine – the questions we decided on, for working in a murder mystery entertainments company, weren’t exactly what you might expect from a “standard” interview.  After all, anyone can blag an interview when it’s the standard “What are your weaknesses” and “Why do you want the job” questions.  Instead we went for things like “What are you reading at the  moment?”  “What do you think was the best cinema release this year”.

After all, the office is small, it’s still very much a “family run” business and I want to know whether I’m going to get on with them, as much as whether they’re going to be able to do the job!

However, after a morning of interviews, we did actually find the right person for the job!  So come September 6th Georgina Starkie will be joining the firm.

Georgina will be handling all the admin and on-line orders I’ve been struggling to keep up with – and what will I be doing?

Well, this year Red Herring Games is going to get BIG!  We’ve got franchising on the horison, and we’re increasing our event productions every month.  So don’t worry about me… I certainly won’t be twiddling my thumbs!  I’m going to have a year working ON the business rather then IN the business and see just how busy we can get!

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