It’s a small world…

Like most writers, I’m also an avid reader.  This month is seeing me devouring “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins, one of the original murder mystery writers of the 1800s.  The book was serialised in “All the year round” at the time of the Road Hill Murder (see Suspicions of Mr Whicher on Amazon).  The Road hill murder was the very real murder which started out the whole murder mystery genre.

The book is well written though, do be warned it’s written in the 1800s so it isn’t fast paced chick lit – it’s classic writing, which means it needs to be read, not skimmed.  However the reason I mention it today is that I’ve just come upon a classic quote.

It’s not everyday you see the town in which you live mentioned in a book – unless of course you happen to be living somewhere like London – so when the word Grimsby crops up in literature to me it always makes me think “hey I live there”.

However – this mention was  a classic and so I just had to put it on the blog.  Excerpt from book (don’t worry it’s not a spoiler!)

Anne’s terror of being discovered in London or its neighbourhood, whenever they ventured to walk out, had gradually communicated itself to Mrs Clements; and she had determined on removing to one of the most out-of-the-way places in England – to the town of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, ….

Like I said – a classic quote!  Nice to know I live in one of the “most out-of-the-way places” in England!  (And that was in the 1800s at the hieght of the fishing industry so just imagine what it’s like living here now!!!)

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