Only a few days to go – am I excited? yes!

Tuesday 6th sees the arrival of Georgina Starkie at Red Herring Games.  Am I a little excited by the prospect?  Er… yeah!  Did I expect to be expanding the business after 4 years trading?  Er… no.

But it’s like they always say at Business training – when you’re self employed you’ve got to work ON the business not IN the business some of the time – and I’m hoping that Geogina’s arrival will be the start of the biggest expansion phase we’ve seen at Red Herring Games.

Business advisors always say to create achievable goals (SMART is the acronym everyone bandies around, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and … I knew I wouldn’t remember them all, and indeed I may have got a few of those mixed up as well…) .

So once I’ve finished inducting Georgina into the day to day admin of the business, what do I intend to do with my time?

Well, frankly long coffee breaks won’t be one of the features!!

September may be the last “quiet” month before the onslaught of winter trade (and I rather suspect that it may begin early this year as we’ve seen in increase already).   So any time I have in September will be spent on working out the franchising arrangements of the entertainment side of the business.

After that – well it’ll be all hands to battle stations with orders and I suspect a couple of custom written games.  I know of at least one that needs writing by November, and I think there’s another in the wings.

Also I have a hankering to finish off “A Bad Vintage” which is still only in plotting stages, not least because I’ve already had a request to “size it up” to 20 players for Bryn Tanat  – a self catering place in the Welsh Shropshire borders who are at this moment making arrangements to customise “Murder at Merkister Hall” into something they can provide to their guests along with a dressing up box and compare.

And if I have any spare time?

Well marketing is something I’ve not really done before now, or if I have I’ve only really “played” at it – so that’s the next target.  For which I expect I’ll be enlisting help from Alison at Kinetic Marketing and Design as she knows her stuff, and Chris from Go Photo who’ll help me capture some quality images for the materials.

Anyone fancy modelling?

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