Oh my goodness! I have a publisher!

Well… it’s been a while since I blogged.  there’s a good reason – I’ve been busy writing.  And not just games either… since the attending the writers retreat in January I’ve been finishing off my novel.

This isn’t my first novel.  I’ve been writing books since I was 14, but it IS the first novel that’s been accepted by a publisher, so it calls for a celebration!

Come 2017 – sooner if I crack on with the edits – The Impossible Suspect – will be digitally published by Endeavour Press, and will be available on Amazon as a kindle or print on demand book.

I’m not expecting this will radically change my life.  If it earns £100 in a year that will be a monumental sum, but it is the first rung on the ladder towards being a recognised “writer”, and I’m hopeful my second or third book may finally net me an agent and a mainstream publisher.

So right now, I’m editing… they felt it had too many ? marks and it seems my ending was a little abrupt so they’ve asked me to slow it down.  I suppose the difficulty there is I’m used to writing for interactive theatre productions and the solution shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes as everyone wants to find out if they were right and get back to drinking.  I’m guessing writing “READ MORE SLOWLY FROM HERE” isn’t a suitable addition to the manuscript, so it make take me a little while to get that ending polished to the level they want – so wish me luck – I have a deadline of the 30th November… but with so much work on at RHG at the moment, I need to get it finished much much sooner… not least because I’m off to Egypt in November to run a murder mystery evening I’ve yet to write!  Eeek!