Sample scripts

I see no point in blogging in two places, so this is just a quickie to writing folk who read this blog who don’t already know about or read UKwriters to tell you that I’ve posted two links to some very rough draft screenplays. Both were originally written for the local camera club, one I’ve blogged on here about before “With Jane in Mind” the other was the original proof draft for the same club which they decided not to take further and which, if time allows, I might rework for the latest competition.

so if you do fancy a look at some “work in progress” just mosey on down to UKwriters.

Back to work

Heck. What a busy couple of days…

UKwriters seems to have taken off, which is great, if a little embarressing for me, as my picture is on the side bar as starting it all off and I can’t remove it. However, I’ve been posting on there my notes from past courses I’ve attended, namely ABBA roadshow and the Screen Yorkshire meeting about the Page One competition. I’ve also been answering the odd question (odd as in infrequent rather than peculiar) about mystery writing. So if you want to check that out, then follow the link above, whether you live in the UK or not, as we seem to have a few “honorary” UKwriters who are from Australia and the States. It’s great to have everything in one place at last, and I’m hopeful someone from the BBC will join us eventually…

Now that we are all together the competition opportunities are easier to see and I’ve found one for new mysteries, which you could say was right up my street. the problem is the closing date is Aug 30th, which doesn’t give me much time, so I need to find that first draft of the Camera Club script somewhere in my documents archive, dig it out and do some major work on it.

Taking time to look through everyone’s posts again has also made me realise the stuff I KNOW and that I’m not actually APPLYING the stuff I know to my work (slap wrists) so, given that I have the technical formatting side sorted now, I really need to concentrate on the other stuff to give any new script the edge it needs to get me past the first 10 page read.

Oh, and find some time….

New networking opportunity for UK writers.

After a couple of months on twitter, meeting loads of new writers with some really interesting blogs (much more interesting than my basic affair), and after reading someone else’s tweet about a social networking site called “ning” I figured – what the heck – I’ll set a “ning” account up for UKwriters and see what happens.

If you want to join us it’s here:

Never been one for lengthy posts, I would ordinarily stop this one here, but given that the last post on the UKwriters site contained a link to my own blog and my last post was about “poo” I figured I better get a different header post up quickly, lest all these new people visiting my blog think I’m totally derranged… which probably isn’t far from the truth anyway!!

Michelle Goode or @Sofluid if you track her on twitter has already posted some fab writing reports from various conferences she’s been to, as well as a list of up to date competitions – one of which is a murder mystery writing one… which means I really should rethink my schedule again and try and piece together a plot for something. (incidentally she was also the lovely woman who linked my blog to her post which dragged all of the newbies to my “poo” post! Friends – who needs enemies eh?)

You can tell you’re a mum when…

You get presented with a potty of poo – and what is more – you are delighted!

I must say, six years ago before children were even “on” the agenda I would never have believed I would drop to this level, but it’s true! Forget flowers, chocolates or even a romantic meal – this potty of poo was a true delight to me last night as it intimated to me that my son was finally “getting” the whole potty training idea!

With Tristan finally coming out of nappies I feel I can close the door on the whole “baby” chapter in my life. My young man is finally growing up!

Obviously we’ve still got a long way to go yet, certainly if the dining room floor is anything to go by today, he isn’t perfect by a long shot, but we are getting there, and I do happen to know a thoroughly decent carpet cleaner (Thanks Heath!) who will “take the piss out of my carpet” (which is his advertising slogen – funnily enough!).

One of those moments…

Kids. The things they say cause endless amusement. For instance…

One day after a lot of rain I happen to say something like “Where did all this rain come from?” And from behind me a little voice pipes up: “The Sky Mummy!”

Or, as a friend happened to mention to me tonight, they were in a wedding service with their 3 year old niece and when the minister reached the part in the sermon about “if anyone knows of any reason why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony let them say so now.” And the niece piped up with “Mummy, do you have a pen?”

I tell you, things like that just call for writing into a screenplay…

The problem with a creative (overactive) mind…

My problem (if you can call it that) is that my brain just won’t stop thinking about ideas. This morning, it’s reverted back to my novel “Sinus Rhythm”. I’m now considering yet another major redraft, but this one, I feel sure, will give it “that thing” it seems to be missing. I mean, it has story and plot, which means what it lacks is that immediate tug thing it needs for the agents to select it.

The question is – when will I actually get time to write it? Any ideas anyone….?

Meanwhile the fish continue to lurk in the background, I’m sure they would be calling to me if they could…

Progress (or lack of) update.

I’ll start by saying the formatting is NEARLY complete. It’s all sat there just waiting to PDF, (except the recipes which sometimes take me an evening to find just the right ones….).

However I did manage to edit, format and list a new game on RHG this week too, so I’m not a total time waster!

Next job is co-authoring a couple of murder mystery games with Paul Fairhall. He’s given me everything required (character backgrounds and inspector parts and plot) – now it’s up to me to make it into two coherant mystery games.

And after that, it’s back to the blogging mystery unless something else crops up.

So much for that idea…

Oh well, so much for clearing the decks with formatting. I still haven’t managed it yet. With the voice overs still a week a way at least before they get back to me, I just don’t have that sense of urgency required, which means I do other things…

In this case I tinkered around a little more with the RHG site adding a few more info pages and pictures, completed a children’s book and this morning made a carrot and courgette cake for toddler group!

That said however – now I really have NO excuse! Finishing the formatting MUST be the next job on my “to-do” list.

On another note, the closing date for the CBBC script competition was two days ago. I’m not expecting to get anywhere, but it’s another iron in the fire, and good practise for deadlines.