Back to work

Heck. What a busy couple of days…

UKwriters seems to have taken off, which is great, if a little embarressing for me, as my picture is on the side bar as starting it all off and I can’t remove it. However, I’ve been posting on there my notes from past courses I’ve attended, namely ABBA roadshow and the Screen Yorkshire meeting about the Page One competition. I’ve also been answering the odd question (odd as in infrequent rather than peculiar) about mystery writing. So if you want to check that out, then follow the link above, whether you live in the UK or not, as we seem to have a few “honorary” UKwriters who are from Australia and the States. It’s great to have everything in one place at last, and I’m hopeful someone from the BBC will join us eventually…

Now that we are all together the competition opportunities are easier to see and I’ve found one for new mysteries, which you could say was right up my street. the problem is the closing date is Aug 30th, which doesn’t give me much time, so I need to find that first draft of the Camera Club script somewhere in my documents archive, dig it out and do some major work on it.

Taking time to look through everyone’s posts again has also made me realise the stuff I KNOW and that I’m not actually APPLYING the stuff I know to my work (slap wrists) so, given that I have the technical formatting side sorted now, I really need to concentrate on the other stuff to give any new script the edge it needs to get me past the first 10 page read.

Oh, and find some time….

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