You can tell you’re a mum when…

You get presented with a potty of poo – and what is more – you are delighted!

I must say, six years ago before children were even “on” the agenda I would never have believed I would drop to this level, but it’s true! Forget flowers, chocolates or even a romantic meal – this potty of poo was a true delight to me last night as it intimated to me that my son was finally “getting” the whole potty training idea!

With Tristan finally coming out of nappies I feel I can close the door on the whole “baby” chapter in my life. My young man is finally growing up!

Obviously we’ve still got a long way to go yet, certainly if the dining room floor is anything to go by today, he isn’t perfect by a long shot, but we are getting there, and I do happen to know a thoroughly decent carpet cleaner (Thanks Heath!) who will “take the piss out of my carpet” (which is his advertising slogen – funnily enough!).

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  1. Hurray! Once the diapers are gone, they're half raised up – well, at least coming out of babyhood! LOL Keep at it, he'll be potty trained in no time!

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