Book review

I also remember this post too as the book was very good. I got it as a present for mother’s day and read it within the week, which means it must have been gripping!
Needless to say it’s a brilliant read for all would-be mystery writers. It’s about the orginal murder case that started the whole detective fiction genre rolling. It’s a true story, but written in that new “non-fiction fiction” style that is so easy to read and places you right at the heart of the investigation.
The fact it came from my children for “Mother’s day” tickled me somewhat as Iona, I feel sure, would have decided to buy me a book of stickers and a badge and Tristan would have selected something with Thomas the Tank Engine on it, anything with Thomas the Tank Engine! (He is somewhat obsessed at the moment, but I am assured they all grow out of it.)

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