Been a while.

Once again – it seems like a while since I was on the blog updating my status. I won’t bore you with details however… for those who do like to know, the last custom order is all but completed (just the formatting to go). The editing has come back on “Last Will and Testament” and that will go live on Monday, and Mark has fixed so that is all pictured and just waiting for me to tweek here and there to ring some changes between the two sites when I have a few minutes. RHG is also branching out into gifts in 2010, so keep eyes peeled for daft criminal gimmicks which will appear as I find them!

On an entirely different note, my daughter popped the precursor question to “where to babies come from?” on friday, and asked me “Why do women have periods?”. Trying to explain the whole process to a five year old without using techical language (and trying to keep away from the “how do the babies get in there” question), is quite hard, and for some reason we got onto the tangent of mouldy bread, and so now I think she’s convinced that a) babies eat bread in the womb, and b) mummy’s bread goes off pretty quickly. Hey ho. I really need to get my “lift the flap” where do babies come from book illustrated soon.

And shifting topic once again… sitting at lunch today, I suddenly realised once again how age-orientated names are. It seems funny to think that in 60 or so years time, there will be wrinkly old women and cantankerous old men bearing names like Kylie and Beckham being doubly incontinent and littering the beds in old people’s homes. I wonder whether the Peggy and William generation thought the same when they were our age…

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