CBBC entry

As I’ve mentioned before – my CBBC entry has already been sent to the competition which closes next week (the first of July). I know for a FACT I won’t get selected as I can’t make the masterclass and I must admit because of that it wasn’t my “best” screenplay. After all, what was the point in sweating blood and tears over something that was NEVER going to get anywhere?

All that said however, I did work at it to bring it up to submission standard, and so, just so my time isn’t entirely wasted – here it is in all it’s glory for others to take a peak at and hopefully feel encouraged that their entry stands a much better chance!!:

With the benefit of hindsight (too late as always) – I’d shift the “I’m not your mum” scene until after the belongings have been collected and have the car broken into at the services, but hey – it’s too late now! (Isn’t it always!)

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