Book Review – The Thirteenth Tale

All I can say is “wow”! What a book. It’s really hard to believe this is Diane Setterfield’s first novel. It smacks of professional storytelling and is so well crafted I really can’t fault it at all!

The book came my way as the result of a reccomendation by @woodychapel on twitter. (Many thanks Dennis!!)

I’m sure he was biting his nails wondering how his reccomendation went down, as it’s a hard thing to reccommend a book to someone you don’t know all that well – but this is a book I’d reccomend to anyone who likes a well crafted read.

The language was brilliant. It had the right balance of external description and internal motive, there were really three stories on the go in the book and all three were handled exceptionally well and all reached fruition together.

If I could write a novel like this I’d be more than happy.

Book synopses are remarkably hard to find on Amazon these days, so I’ll copy the back of the book here for you so you can make up your own mind

Margaret Lea exists in the small world of her Father’s antiquarian bookshop and her biographical researches. She also has a secret sorrow. When a letter from the famous author Vida Winter arrives, inviting her to travel to the author’s remote home with a view to writing her biography, Margaret is nsared by the words. she knows little of the star writer, but she soon finds out that Vida Winter’s past is a story she has been at pains not to tell. So why now? And why Margaret?

And more than that I am NOT going to give away. However anyone that has enjoyed books like “The Time Traveller’s Wife” or “The book theif” will love this book!

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