The dead fish are back.

Oh – I couldn’t resist it. I just had to add in yet another dead goldfish scene to Deep Rising.

Obviously I must have a thing about goldfish, I just hadn’t realised it until now. I blame it on being forced to abandon our pet fish when we moved house when I was just 5.

Oddly, for many years I thought we had left that aforesaid fish to a girl called “Bod”. More recently I have discovered that the recipient of the fish had a much more ordinary girl’s name like “Rachel” and “Bod” was just the TV program I happened to like. I always thought it was funny she was named after such a 2d cartoon creation…

But then, my youngest child’s middle name is that of a womble (Orinoco), so who am I to talk?

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  1. This goldfish thing is intriguing me…I don't understand it or the concept….a fish that rises up to take over the world or something? Its beyond my realm of understanding unless you let me know a bit more about it… :>)I had a sad day back when I was about 8…my brother and I both had goldfish, mine was "goldie" and his was "blackie". Well, one day, they weren't in the bowl….about 3 days later, Mother was cleaning and pulled out the chairs and there were two little dried up goldfish who had flopped out of their bowl!!!! Such trying times for an 8 year old!!!! LOL

  2. Oh Kathy – I’ll just have to email you a copy of the script. You’ll see for yourself what is going on! But if you’ve never read “The Kraken Wakes” by John Wyndam then you probably won’t get it.

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