Reading group – The book thief

I have the priviledge of being a member of a small, self-initiated, by-invitaton-only book group. The group meets once every 6 weeks or so for food, drink, chat and an excuse to leave the men with the kids and be “girls with brains” again for a night.

In the last year we’ve read a wide variety of books, each one chosen by different members of the group: The time travellers wife (fantastic), K-Pax (another goodie and my own choice), Fortune’s Rocks (a personal hate of mine – I will never pick up another Anita Shreeve book), The memory keeper’s daughter (grim but readable if your shelf is empty of any other interest), A thousand splendid suns (passable), Getting rid of Matthew (total chick-lit rubbish), Notes from an exhibition (another fab read).

This time around it was the turn of “The book thief” by Marcus Zuzak. Admittedly, there are very few books we ALL like, and I am probably the worst to please of everyone, but this was one book which ticked everyone’s boxes and I’d heartily reccommend it.

The writing style was comfortable and easy to read and the story gripping right through to the end. And… well, actually if you want to find out more about the book, then I’d suggest you simply visit Amazon – after all, there is very little point in duplicating the back page for you here, especially as you’ll want to buy a copy yourself, so… what are you still doing reading this? Clear off to Amazon and grab yourself a copy for 1p before they all go!

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