Nearly Friday

I’ve never had a problem with Thursdays. I know some people hate them, as it isn’t the same as a Friday, but I’ve always thought it’s one step nearer. Instead it’s Tuesday’s I hate. In fact my working week goes something like this:

  • Monday – score 10/10 – it’s the start of the week and I have a dedicated evening to write.
  • Tuesday – score 3/10 – it’s not Monday any more and it’s still another 3 days until Friday and the weekend!
  • Wednesday – score 5/10 – Mid week. There is a lot to be said for reaching the half way point.
  • Thursday – score 8/10 – one day to go until Friday.
  • Friday – score 10/10 – hurrah weekend tomorrow.

OK, so maybe that’s overstating it a bit! I’m never one to miss an opportunity for exaggeration!

Anyway – things are progressing with the latest games. The Masquerade Murder, is now Movie Mayhem, but that’s the way things change at the last moment. I’ll get back to masquerading another day when I’m not up to my eyes in large group games.

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