March already!

Hard to believe it’s March already! Where did the time go!

Fortunately I went to “using social media” training last night, which has prompted me to get back to the blog! (Long time no see!)

New, New Year’s resolution is therefore to blog more regularly!

Still… if it’s any excuse there’s been a lot going on recently, for example… the charity murder mystery hosted in the middle of March for the M.S. Society and 24+1.

I’ve also completed several new games one of which was “Riddle at the Racecourse” a custom written game for Doncaster Racecourse which ran on the 25th March and which is now available on Red Herring Games.

Added to that I’ve written another customer order now known as “Greased” on Red Herring Games – a clue based game.

Those who keep up with the BBC writers room, know that they had a competition running in February called “laughing stock” which I also submitted a piece to – and was duly rejected (again). Oh, the life and times of a writer, it’s all rejection letters and polite “not for me”s.

Anyway, added to all the game writing for Red Herring Games, I’ve also been helping other new authors break into the murder mystery writing genre. Not an easy challenge for them (or for me, as it’s quite time consuming to proof work! Sometimes as much as 3-4 hours for each piece, and usually with nothing to show for it at the end but a lot of comments boxes!) Still, it looks as though April will see the first fruits of three month’s of labour for many of the authors – the editor has been swamped recently and I’ve been dreading the formatting work coming through as until I get an admin person here it’s me, me and me that does it all! Eeek!

Anyway – Social Media training, sort of explained how to use blogs to best effect… so let’s see if I get this right over the next few weeks. Apparently they are supposed to be useful, informative but have a personal stand point too. So far, I don’t think my blog is any of those three things… so lets see how I do over the next few months!

If there is anything you want to know about writing games – fire me questions and I’ll see what I can answer!

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