Well… I might not have been here in a while but…

Sorry for all who read my blog… things got more frenetic then usual this autumn/winter at Red Herring Games and I ended up working some very long, but rewarding hours, and January has just seen me complete a big custom written game, so finally, I’ve made it back into the land of blogging…

So… what’s been going on… well…

I’ve been featured on the mumpreneur blog (you can read all about how and why I set up the company on there and also where I see us in 10 years time… ha!  Let’s hope so!

I’ve also been sledging with the kids, updating technology, sourcing and buying in new products and working on a big global redesign and lots of “world domination” plans… cue *evil cackle of laughter* – OK,… not quite… but we’ve got some BIG ideas this year, and it’s a case of lining up all the ducks to make them come off.

But… here’s a tale for you to make you chuckle.

Driving down the road with my daugher in the car after the last big snow storm, I spot this “older lady” (I say older lady… as she looks older then I feel, probably only 10 years in it these days, but as I still feel 21 she’s “old looking” to me…) and this older lady is busy sweeping her drive clear of the slush now that the snow has passed.

“Good on her” I think to myself as I watch her bend down to pick up a lucozade bottle that some helpful school child has tossed onto the path beside the place where she’s sweeping.  “Lovely to see someone removing the litter”.  But no.., just as soon as she straightens up with the bottle in her hand, she lobs it down the road towards her neighbours drive for them to deal with!

“That,” I say to my daughter  “Is NOT how to deal with littering.”

And finally, a joke I heard the other day… (Well, I liked it)

It’s Christmas eve and there is snow on the ground. A couple are cuddled up on a rug in front of a log fire when there is a knock at the door.

The husband answers the door to find a snail, shivering on the doorstep.

The snail looks up and, with pleading eyes, says, “Please sir, it’s the coldest winter I’ve ever known. Please can I come in and warm myself by your fire?”

The man slowly bends down, gently picks the snail up….and throws him to the bottom of the garden.

One year later, Christmas Eve again, it’s colder than ever. The same couple are sat on the rug, in front of the same log fire, when there’s a knock at the door.

The Husband answers the door, to find the snail on the doorstep again. He looks up, with pleading eyes, and says…

…”What did you do that for?”

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