The walking wounded.

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front these last few weeks as I’ve been busy launching Sherlock’s blog on wordpress.  For those who aren’t keeping up with all that is going on at Red Herring Games, Sherlock is the new mascot for the business.  What started out as a simple “bolt on extra” as a quiz to get people interested in watching our You Tube Videos, Sherlock has developed into an entity of his own, and so… with that in mind, he needed a blog, which, bizarrely enough is maintained by another fish… Dr. Whiting (and yes, they’re both me in disguise, which means I now have an excuse to talk to myself on twitter!)

You’ll find Sherlock’s Blog here on WordPress:

I post a new blog for Dr Whiting every saturday, which means I’ve fallen sadly behind with  my own blog since the business’s #SBS win.  (Whoops)

This morning I’ve been prompted go get back to my own blog as Glenda (my mother-in-law and a very lovely lady) wanted to see a photo of my “walking wounded” son when she visits her computer class today.  She’s heard all about his accident via family on Facebook and wanted to see how he was doing.  And so.. Just for you:

This is Tristan in his crepe bandage:

He cockled over on Wednesday night.  (For those who don’t know what “Cockled over” means… you need to obtain a British Language Dialect dictionary – which I don’t think exists… a new idea for Collins perhaps?)

I, with the help of a lovely passer by, piggy-backed him back home from the local park (who said chivalry was dead) and then, from there, sped off to casualty to get him checked out.  Fortunately no fracture, and although it looks like a pot on the photo – it IS only bandaging.

I took it off last night after he bravely limped around school all day (His idea to go, brave lad – but I think showing off was his intention, as he’s now rather centre of attention and his friends are very much in awe of him!)

Anyway, I digress.  This is last night’s bruise.

He’s back at school today, and as it’s sports relief day today he’s been excused from any sporting activities by a long note which also tells the teacher about his clinic appointment which is, much to my amusement, at 11.28.  (Not 11.30 or 11.25 you’ll note: 11.28!! That’s NHS precision for you! )

Anyway – that’s the update on the poorly son front.

As for the business – we’re off to Doncaster Racecourse today for “A Final Furlong” and we’re filming again tonight!  Where’s that hairbrush….

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