The fish will have to die another day too.

Looks like “With Jane in Mind” has gone the same way as the Charity function. Igloo films has had to postpone any more filming until later in the year after all the suntans have faded.

I never realised just what a headache filming could be. All the schedule was fixed, and then, just because one of the actors couldn’t make one of the dates, the whole thing had to be rescheduled for later in the year as, with the summer months coming, and holiday season too, all the cast would have developed a sun tan.

While this might seem an odd reason to postpone, the film is not filmed sequentially, so the sudden appearance of a suntan midway through the script day, and it vanishing by the evening would have made a real difference to everything. Not to mention all the hair length changes.

I tell you, it really makes me want to study a film in more detail just to see if I can spot any continuity errors, but I suppose that’s why they have make up artists and wardrobe managers just to make sure everyone looks exactly as they are supposed to on the different script days.

On the plus side, it does mean everyone is free to film the intro to the blogging mystery sooner than we thought, so we might get that on-line mystery up and running before winter!

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