Musical murders!

Ok – I freely admit it – writing a muscial was never something I even remotely thought about when I started out writing! But, well, there’s nothing like a challenge!

This week has seen me finish what might be the last (but probably isn’t) draft of the musical murder mystery for my local operatic society. They’re in the middle of getting a director and it all looks set to take to the stage in Grimsby this autumn!

I must admit, I’m excited! This is a “big” thing, even for me! I may look like a sucessful writer, and I suppose I am in my own field, but having something I’ve written go on stage is still going to be thrilling, even if it is only in Grimsby!

Still, what I expect everyone wants to know is how do you end up getting a break like this?

Well, like in everything, it’s who you know. (yeah, it comes down to networking again – see post below).

A few years ago I was casting for my first murder mystery event locally. I needed some cast and that was how I met two very nice women from the local operatic society. I’ve kept in touch with them both, either through regular meetings when they act for me, or by me trying to find them contacts of their own (as one is trying to break into the professional acting arena and I do sometimes come into contact with people useful for her to meet.) This regular contact and mutual support has led to them asking me if I’d be interested in writing the society a muscial!

Thankfully I don’t have to come up with the music. Instead they’ve given me a list of songs which could be worked into a plot. I’ve ammended a few lyrics and voila. Our very first combined effort.

The question is… what to call it?? That’s still undecided!

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