Raise a cheer!

CelebrationIntegrated blogs and websites – At last – writers have caught up with the multi-national companies!

Finally – something to cheer about!  Writers can now get reasonably priced websites with integrated blogs!  I’ve been looking for this for ages!

I think most people have a blog these days, and many writers also have a webpage – but it’s always been such a challenge to find a site which will link one to another effectively, without a massively obvious transition (change in colour scheme and font etc) and change of menus.  AND one which doesn’t cost  hundreds of pounds!

Take for example my old blog site.  http://joannesmedley.blogspot.com/ It was good enough, but the blog didn’t hold the links to my “publishing credentials” and my website couldn’t integrate with my blog… UNTIL NOW!  (if you’re reading this – you’re on my new blog! How very exciting!)

For writers still struggling with the whole blog / website thing – I’ve found a company who can help.  Mark and Gill at Crystal Pyramid have worked with me for a number of years now at Red Herring Games and they understand what an author needs.  So if you want a blog integrating into a website, and would like a professional website, with your own domain name, that’s self editable – they’re the people to call.   You’ll find them here: www.crystalpyramid.co.uk

Now I’ve just got the task of updating the things which automatically link to the old blogger blog, which let’s face it, does more for advertising blogger, then advertising me!

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