Deep Rising – log line and synopsis.

For those who are interested in what Deep Rising is actually all about, part of the competition application form asked for a one sentence logline and a one page synopsis.

The logline

Deep rising explores one of man’s last frontiers, the ocean, and the small group of marine specialists who are drafted in to deal with the latest threat to come from the depths.

The one page synopsis

Dr Julia Taylor, an eminent marine biologist, is recruited by the military to investigate a series of unexplained and possible threatening behaviours exhibited by marine life around the UK.

Feisty and distrustful of the military Dr Taylor is coerced into reviewing the reported phenomenon, but what she fully expects to be a pointless research project suddenly becomes extremely serious when her husband is killed repairing the Flannan Islands Lighthouse by an enormous and previously unrecorded sea anemone-like creature.

With the mounting threats posed by previously passive sea life, further specialists are called in and SMRT, the SubMarine Research Team is born. Its remit: to uncover the cause of the danger now posed by sea life around the UK, and if possible to stop it.

With new incidents occurring all the time and worrying reports of the sea anemones working southwards time is pressing and Julia finds it hard to reconcile her relationship with the lone survivor of the sea-anemone attack, Steven with whom she had had an affair before her husband’s death.

Meanwhile the rest of SMRT form close working bonds through repeated adversity and all of them pull together as a family to support Nat, a divorced mother struggling to raise her family single handed.

Over a series of exploratory dives, and while following up new incident reports, Steven and other members of the team, all now dear to Julia, are placed continually in jeopardy, yet despite this SMRT manage to identify the epicentre of the new problem: the North Atlantic oil fields west of Shetland.

Using innovative techniques SMRT construct countermeasures for the marine threat and decide to dive directly to the sea bed in the epicentre to uncover the exact nature of the threat.

In a daring attempt Steven joins Mac, SMRT’s stoic dive expert, in a mini-submersible. Realising that Steven might not return Julia finds herself finally able to admit something she knew all along, that she loves Steven, regardless of the guilt she feels that he survived when her husband died.

As the mini-submersible’s lights finally fix on what might be the cause of all the difficulties the mini-submersible is itself attacked and the visual and audio feed is lost.

Cue series two!

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