BNI – just visiting again.

Oh – I just can’t wait until Tristan goes to pre-school in September! Suddenly, I’ll have 2 1/2 hours a day sans-children! What will I accomplish in that time???

One thing is for certain, I’ll be using that free time to join up with my local BNI meeting. I know that will give me the kick start, and training I need to grab Red Herring Games by the horns and get my teeth into the business.

I was at a start-up group meeting in Cleethorpes just this morning as a visitor. (I can do the odd meeting in school holidays.) And i must say it really brought into focus again just how important it is to network with other business people. It really is the only way to grow.

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  1. Yes, networking could be a big boost in business… (BBB)! You do a great job, Jo! Learning a bit more about tactics can only make you go futher…. Glad you found a group that you find supportive and helpful…..

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