Murder in the Dark

Just a few snaps from Murder in the Dark hosted on Friday 17th.
!The FBI don’t take no for an answer, Franny dear!” (Yes – it’s me in the FBI Catsuit as Tracy Call – the good looking supermodel next to me is Franny Fascinator (aka Sally).
Franny arrived with Miles High the airforce pilot (her husband Sean in real life).
Then we have Dickie Bow (the stripper who did actually manage to get some of his kit off as the night progressed, but only because he’d spilled red wine all over his shirt!), next to him, not looking very impressed is Penny Counter. (alias Si and Ali.)

Last but not least, Chuck De’Ball the american footballer and Dr. Lisa Ning (Tell me about your parents…) – or John and Sarah.
A buffet style menu and a murder mystery totally by candlelight due to a powercut (pre-arranged by the killer). Fortunately the powercut was faked as we did have some electric lighting once we got going otherwise us oldies wouldn’t have been able to see our scripts!

Website working

With the staff murder out of the way, and new gift items arriving in large boxes all week, I’ve spent the week adding in new catalogue items to Red Herring Games and Red Herring Games dotcom.

Further info on the gifts available, and those soon to be available see the Red Herring Games blog

I’ve also been helping out a few stressed out maids of honour this week, customising two different games for hen night audiences. One is finished except the invitiations, the other still has a way to go yet.

We’re hosting “Murder in the Dark” tonight for the neighbours. I’ve hired and FBI catsuit from the local fancy dress shop. Photos to follow. (or not, I’ll see how bad they look first!!)

Bubble and Squeak

I always did enjoy eating left overs as a child (and still do as an adult when there are any left). Bubble and Squeak has to be an all time favourite and I abhor waste.

This tendency to reuse leftovers also finds itself in my creative work – just this week I’ve been revising a custom order I did for Wright Inc, into a murder mystery game for a staff room murder. (We’d had a lot of requests in recently for teaching staff related plots).

Not content with just recycling, I’m also trying to get some non-gender specific characters into the plot. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Trust me! You have to avoid using he, she, his, her in the questioning too… still, I like a challenge!

Did I enjoy Saturday Night?

Er… well I think the pictures speak for themselves!!

These are just a few shots from the “Surgical Strike” evening. There were quite a few more… but these are the only ones I think no-one is going to object to me posting…

Hotel Halloween Horror.

Just a few choice pickies from the latest murder mystery game acted locally. We ran Halloween Hotel Horror at Kenwick Park on the 31st October.

Cast left to right are:

Shona Round (Jeannine Ridha), Carrie De’Way (Sara Beasley), Ivan Appetite (David Phillips, Helen Bach (Helen Kent) and Igor Beaver (Dean Wilding).

Fundraising Fun!

The James Bond spoof murder mystery “The Spy Who Killed Me” is over. We ran the event on the 2nd October and raised £606 for the M.S. Society.

It goes without saying that my biggest thanks need to go to all those who took part in the event, our sponsors and of course all the guests who helped make the evening such a success!

Oddly after all enormous amount of work that went into running the murder mystery, the planning, the ton of letters, frantic calls to various people to help advertise the event, organising ticket sales, rehearsals and hours on the telephone – it hasn’t actually put me off running another. And I’m hoping to book another charity event in March – planning starting now of course.

The murder mystery went off without a hitch. We had 3 correct answers from 112 guests, which means there were just three out of a hundred with a devious mind like myself! It’s good to know I’m in a minority!

The only dissappointment in the evening was the pre-booked buffet which didn’t seem to stretch around all the guests as I’d expected. However, having chatted with the Manager of the hotel the morning afterwards, I have every confidence I can fix that problem for March to make that night even better.

Newspaper article.

Unfortunately I missed the Compass FM interview yesterday, however the Grimsby Telegraph have run a repeat article in the what’s on section today about our Charity Bond night. You can find the details below:

The Game’s Bond

oooo – a celebrity!

I can’t believe it! Rod Archer from CompassFM has asked to act in our charity murder mystery for the M.S. Society! Rod is now taking the part of “Boris Blastimov” – the Russian general.

Emma Fairhall recorded an interview with Rod last week which will be airing sometime between 2 and 3 on Compass FM.

Tickets are still available for the event. Details are here:

The Spy Who Killed Me!

And the work continues…

It’s been a busy few days. In the last week I’ve added the editing to “Halloween Hotel Horror” and listed it for sale on RHG, completed “Another one bites the dust” – a joint project with Paul Fairhall, and formatted two other games ready for sale when the voice over recordings arrive.

I’ve also been busy networking thanks to the BNI. It goes without saying that there are a lot of interesting people out there – but now, at last, I’m getting to meet them all! I seem to be stretching out in all directions. (I just hope my elastic holds!)

And in between doing all of that I’m busy promoting the Charity Murder Mystery at the Oaklands Hotel at the start of October. It started off with some mailshots of past customers, and then progressed to the newspaper article (see posts below this one), then I threatened the BNI with a silenced gun last week, and since then have progressed to putting a banner (an enormous banner thanks to Jeff at HDB signs) on Lovelane corner – you can’t miss it – it’s 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres, ringing around the local radio stations, emailing colleges, social groups and just today I’ve been sticking leaflets through people’s mail boxes…

Needless to say I’ve got a bit of a headache right now – it’s been a frantic few days. I think I deserve a nice relaxing soak in the tub.

Grimsby telegraph – article now in.

Many thanks to the Grimsby Telegraph for finally putting an article in the paper about the upcoming murder mystery game on the 2nd October – it’s great to have some local support for the event and we hope to sell out the tickets and have a full house

Everything is just about set to go for the evening, with the usual last minute acting hitches (presently I’m 1 male down) but that will resolve nearer the time as I’m sure I can find someone to put on a russian accent at short notice.

The telegraph titled the article “The game’s Bond” which I thought was kind of catchy… I think I’ll use that in my next 60 second BNI speech.

Here is a photo of everyone involved in the evening including Emma Fairhall and Ann and Stan Hunter.