The fish have commenced battle

Finally, at long last “Deep rising” is finished. The fish have had their say, and what remains to be seen now is whether the critiques at the writersroom like their long tails or whether the drag of “over large sea anemones” proves too much and the screenplay is consigned back to the depths where it belongs…

The closing date on the “Northern Writers” is 28th of August and the script will be in the post tomorrow. So what can I say but… watch this space.

Sample scripts

I see no point in blogging in two places, so this is just a quickie to writing folk who read this blog who don’t already know about or read UKwriters to tell you that I’ve posted two links to some very rough draft screenplays. Both were originally written for the local camera club, one I’ve blogged on here about before “With Jane in Mind” the other was the original proof draft for the same club which they decided not to take further and which, if time allows, I might rework for the latest competition.

so if you do fancy a look at some “work in progress” just mosey on down to UKwriters.