Nearly completed “A Midsumer Night’s Scream!”

Five question and answer sections to write and then “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” is finished! The scripted sections were finished off this evening, and I know they “hit the mark” as Magnus decided (unusually) to read them and creased laughing – so I think I have that about right.

I’m still waiting for the new date for the murder mystery at Healing Manor, but I have girl’s night out planned there for the 25th of this month, my first trial of the popular “Smashed hits” which is a little odd for me as it’s RHG’s best seller, and I’ve never actually played the game!

Tomorrow the guest list will be finalised and I’ll get to find out if I’m playing May Donna (With the 80’s cones) or Whitney Housedown (I’ll need to black myself up I think), or perhaps Tanya Wilsox (ginger wig and make-up). Whoever I end up playing I’ll enjoy myself. I have no other option!

Barcoded children… whatever next?

I know I’m often posting comments my daughter Iona makes, but this is another good one.

Today Iona’s rabbitting on, unabated in the back of the car about this, about that, about the next, loudly (she doesn’t seem to have a volume control… shame). Finally having enough, Magnus declares that if she doesn’t keep quiet he will sell her.

“You can’t do that Daddy.”

“Why not Iona?”

“I don’t have a barcode.”

You can’t fault her logic!

on-line blogging mystery

OK – I admit, one night off and my mind is buzzing with things that still have to be done.

This week coming I simply HAVE to finished off “A midsummer Night’s scream” – regardless of how I feel about it. (It’s just been sitting too long. I’m no longer excited by it, even though it’s a good game. Such a shame…)

The next thing on the list, after formatting the three games currently with the editor, will be the creation of the on-line blogging mystery… the name of which is yet to be decided, but after my blunder early on with blogs perhaps “Deleted” might be the best title! 🙂

and breathe out…. ah!

After nearly a month of deadlines, I’ve just realised there is no work pending with a deadline attached to it! (Plenty of work let me say, but nothing with a “do it now or else” post-it note attached to it!)

So, for the first time in a month I can relax and do something for myself and a friend.

The friend being Kathy, who’s asked me to write her a short skit for a reunion dinner.

Innuendo and daftness is wanted, brill…

Murder mystery night postponed.

Following the tragic death of Claire Wilson in Grimsby, Healing Manor and myself have made the decision to postpone the murder mystery night on the 16th June. We felt it would have been in very bad taste.

At the moment I am waiting for Healing Manor to come back to me with another date to run the event there.

It’s hard to believe that someone could be so brutally stabbed in broad daylight so close to the town centre. More unbelieveable still is that it is a random attack.

My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Claire Wilson.

“The Last Dragon Keeper” is away.

That’s it. Done. Finished. My CBBC script entry has been duly sealed in brown, BBC addressed envelope and is now just waiting for a trip to the not-so-local-these-days Post Office for a stamp of the right value.

I’m not pinning any hopes on the competition as I know I am away for the masterclass date, but, as the BBC seemed to think it was worth entering anyway, just to get my work infront of the judges, then who am I to question? And it’s all experience!

Finished! ( As if!!)

Finally – “Dead on time”, or “murder in the office”, or as I’m now calling it “A Corporate Murder” is finished and away to the editors. NOTE TO SELF: NEVER leave custom work that long ever again before revising it!!

However, with that revision out of the way, that makes three small group dinner party games in the process of being edited, which means I know my next few weeks will be stacked out with formatting work!!

So what now? Well, I’ve proofed Kathy’s latest game -well done Kathy – great work!! So all that is left to get done today is reviewing my CBBC competition entry “Scalygreen”.

And as I seem to be on a “name changing” day, I’ve elected to change the name of this one too, to “the last dragon keeper” which I think describes the plot a bit better and sounds slightly more interesting for a children’s TV program.

The revision continues.

By the end of today I hope to be able to report that my office based murder mystery will be finished. It’s proved harder than I thought to bring the 19 player game originally written for a large entertainments company (I’ll mention no company names for obvious reasons) down to a regular 6,8,10 and 12 player game. I hadn’t realised the game was so entwined. Next time I’ll remember not to procrastinate for over a year before I revise a custom game!

After that, I guess it’s back to reviewing “Scalygreen” for the CBBC competition, and then on with “A midsummer Night’s scream” which has sat untouched for over a month!

In the middle of all this, it looks as though I’ll be reviewing the SEO issues with Red Herring Games which, for no explicable reason, has fallen from page 3 to below page 12 in the Google rankings overnight!

First rehearsal and some new contact ideas.

The first rehearsal is now over for Murder at the Manor, with the main rehearsal taking place on the evening of the 11th. What I really need to do now is gather the rest of the props together ready for the evening, after all, time is marching on, and it’s on the 16th! (Which means I have just under 2 weeks to get everything in one box ready to go!)

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jeannine Ridher for the first time. Jeannine is a professional actress and has done screen and radio work as well as being involved in the local operatics society for 45 years. What a fantastic voice and personality! She’s making a great Agatha Crusty for the evening too!

Jeannine also happens to know some local radio contacts and so perhaps that might give me a lead in to radio script writing… who knows?

Kids – and the things they say!

Oh, I must admit, Iona tickled me this morning. We were hanging out the washing, and she, at age 4, insisted on helping. She decided to tackle the socks. Reaching the last four brown socks belonging to my son she holds them aloft and says (in a very derisory tone), “Mummy – you’ve made a mistake with the washing!”

“Oh”, says me, “What’s that?”

“These socks are meant to have stripes! You’ve washed them completely out!”

Kids!! Honestly – you’d think I dyed absolutely everything that went in the washer!