Something for the birds…

This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, that is before the great dissappearance of Dog became foremost in my mind.

The kids wanted to make a scarecrow this weekend for their 5 foot square garden. So this is it. Apparently scarecrows have to be scary – but after their decorative touches I think this one looks more like a fashioned challenged body building vulcan.





(And there was me thinking I’d have to endure another night of Tristan kicking me in the side because he couldn’t possibly sleep alone in his bed without something to chew…)

A dreadful doggy disaster!

There has to be nothing worse than trying to settle your toddler to sleep without their cuddle toy. I’ve had to do it once for Iona when Rabbit and Seal went AWOL for three days, and tonight it’s Tristan’s turn. Dog has dissappeared. Vanished without a trace.

I’ve hunted high,
I’ve hunted low,
I’ve hunted above
and hunted below.

I’ve hunted in,
I’ve hunted out,
While all the time poor tristan shouts:

“Where is dog?
He can’t have gone.
I just can’t sleep,
it feels all wrong.”

I’ve hunted near,
I’ve hunted far,
in the house,
and in the car.

I’ve called the neighbours,
checked the lawn
While Tristan stifles tears
and yawns.

I’ve tried the shed,
I’ve tried the loft,
But darling dog
remains quite LOST.

(OK – so it doesn’t quite rhyme, this is a five minute post not a BA English piece)

Last time Rabbit and Seal turned up underneath a cushion on the tub chairs, flattened and squished but otherwise unharmed. I just hope the same will be true of dog.

I have the neighbours round for lunch tomorrow. I think I might set their older boys the task of hunting out Dog, the first to find him wins… something.

(The photo is at least a year old – dog looks a bit more motheaten now. But it’s probably the best I have of them together as we try to keep Dog out of the photos!)

Large group custom order progressing well.

Occaisionally I take custom orders for murder mystery games from as I am registered with them as an author.

This time around it’s for a 16th birthday for 42 teenagers (with a couple of youngsters thrown in). The remit had originally been for a masked murder mystery ball, then a spring murder mystery ball, and now, after a few emails back and forth, it’s Movie Mayhem (no murder).

However, now that the theme is all ironed out, and I know the rating level, it’s just a case of pulling everything togther into a coherant plot, and sorting out all the characters and designing a game to suit this number of guests. 42 is not an easy number to cater for, and requires a lot of peripheral work to make it feasible, but the plot is hastening towards a satisfactory concept, and I am sure much of the background material will find its way into another game a little down the line.

I’m hoping to have the bones of the character backgrounds and Q and A rounds tied up this weekend, leaving just the inspector parts, and any scripted sections and physical clues for next week before it dissappears off to the editors.