Deep rising.

What is this facination with fish I have right now? First it’s dead goldfish, now it’s a screenplay about fish retaking the world. (Maybe I’m eating too much Tuna! ) Still, I shouldn’t grumble. My concentration has kicked back in and I’m writing pages at a sitting right now (instead of 1/4 pages or less). Which can only be a good thing, unless you happen to be a fish of course!

Charity event has had to be postponed.

Aw shucks! The charity murder mystery has had to be postponed. And there I was already 1/2 way through learning my lines. Still, at least I have until October the 2nd to grow my hair and nails ready for next time around! As they say: “James Blonde will return” and in my case to “Die another day”.

Ears in the air! This is a peg out!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this yesterday – it’s the kids’ bedtime snuggle toys. They all needed a wash and a good airing – so these are Dog, Seal and Rabbit (the kids don’t go for adventurous names) hung out to dry. A suspicious line up if I ever saw one!

On-line blogging mystery

So far I have ideas, nothing set in stone – a majority of my work is like that.

But – consider this… how do you fancy watching on video a short introduction to a murder, and then being sent off to hunt for clues which the deceased has left accross the internet as to her killer? (Oh, yes, she knew she was going to die, but not how or when. ) In addition to her clues there is the on-going police investigation to keep track of, evidence from which will turn up here and there on different blogs (all signposted like an on-line treasure hunt).

Obviously there will have to be prizes. But we can do that. It should be fun. Both fun to write, fun to execute and fun to take part in.

I know who the dead girl is, what I need now is the name for the game. I have a few ideas, but will keep you posted.

I’m on a roll!

Tied up all the character backgrounds for the upcoming Midsummer Night’s scream last night, sorted out a short intro screenplay for the on-line blogging mystery (still untitled, all suggestions welcome), and also started on a new screenplay. Not sure where “Deep rising” is taking me yet, but that’s the fun of starting it. I have a vague plot idea, based on another script I wrote a while go, but this one is going to take a slightly different tack. Just trying to work out how to get it to do what I want it to do at the moment.

I really should look at my lines ready for Friday night. The gun waving bit I can do blindfold, but the script is another matter!

Tonight will see me working on …

And believe it or not, another night of work! This time Magnus is baby sitting for friends (instead of going out with friends himself) which leaves me, once again, with an evening alone to get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Obviously I’ll be cracking on with A Midsummer Night’s Scream, which seems to be flowing really well, but if I need a break, there is always rehearsing my lines for the up coming murder mystery game, or starting work on the blogging mystery which I hope will use a combination of U-tube skits, evidence clues, cryptic blog comments, and various other multi-media files. It sounds really exciting to write!

Murder mayhem continues unabated!

Oh the joy of cracking on with a new case!

Sometimes you get bogged down in a mystery, and other times everything rips right through. Today – I’m on a roll! Two characters completed already! Just another three to go and then the scripts.

Back to planning.

So… finished one mystery and on with planning the next.

As with any writing project it’s the thinking that takes the most of the time, the writing gets done only after that. Fortunately thinking can be done over a glass of wine. (I don’t like to mix computers and wine as the inevitable occurs and sticky keys are not a great thing!)

This time I’ll be finding plots and names for two games simultaneously as I need a bit of a break from the multi-room format and a change of pace. So maybe two glasses…

Woohoo! Finished and sent for editing!

At last! Mobsters, Mols and Murder is finished and sent to the editors!

That has to be one of the longest writes on record but it is finally over! Hurray!

Interruptions have been my main problem with this game, too many and I get writer’s fugg (not a block as such, just an inability to get anything down on paper in any semblance of order, and need to do a LOT of revising work everytime I sit down)!

Still – it’s now done, which means I can concentrate on my next projects, namely “Midsummer night’s scream”, and a blogging mystery, as yet untitled.

Not so much writers’ block – as writers’ clock!

Truly there just aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with everything that goes on in my head from one moment to another. Forget “everyone has at least 1 book in them” I think I have about 50 stories all fighting to get out and NO TIME!

OK – that’s not strictly true, I have the same time as everyone else, but for some reason I’m too busy writing, to write. What I mean by that, is that I’m so busy writing games (which pay) to write the novels and screenplays I want to put together which, at present, don’t. That isn’t to say I’m not still working on them, but everything has to take a back seat to my main business, which oddly enough isn’t writing, but being a mother.

Being a mother has to be the hardest job on the planet. I never realised just how hard (or appreciated my own mum) until I had kids of my own! I mean, can you ever imagine applying for a job where you are expected to work 24 hours a day with no break, be insulted, screamed, kicked, and shouted at, clean, feed and deal with bodily waste, act like a taxi, keep a constant eye on health and safety, oh… and did I mention the work is unpaid? Mothers must be nuts. (And I count myself among them!)