What is it with men?

Walking through the park this afternoon I saw what could only be described as a distinctly “male phenomenon” – i.e. something a woman would just never in their right mind decide to do – namely blow leaves.

I’ve often though of leaf blowers as male toys anyway (you wouldn’t catch a woman blowing dirt around the house rather than sucking it up into a vacuum cleaner thereby REMOVING the offending material). And I’ve never really understood the need men have at this time of year to move leaves from one place to another, only to leave them in piles for the wind to blow back across the paths – but to actually try to BLOW the leaves against the wind?! I ask you!!

I am sure the rake was invented for some reason…

Still – it reminds me of the old tale about the space race. Realising that pens would not work in zero gravity, NASA spent thousands of dollars inventing a pen which WOULD work in space.

And the Russians? They used a pencil.

(Of course that’s just an urban legend… or so they claim…)

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