What can I say…

Er… it’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Why? Because, quite frankly I’ve been busy!

Yes I know, both the kids are now at school and I should have 3 hours more per day, but to be quite honest, those hours seem to vanish like dry ice on a hot day, without even a bit of atmospheric smoke to show where they’ve been!

Why… well, it’s start of the Christmas season (yes I know, it’s only September… but for some people it DOES start this early and I’ve already had sales on the website for Christmas and New Year games!). In a desperate bid to meet the needs of the customers I’ve had to write two new Christmas murder mystery games, one of which is now on site (a fawlty towers themed single room game called A Criminal Christmas Caper) and the other is with the editors (The Brandy Butter Murders – single room clue based game), and before that there was the Monty Python themed mystery to complete – and I might add, draw a picture for, as you just can’t find exactly the right thing in the royalty free images (given that it’s the first time I’ve had the watercolours out for 5 years it’s not that bad… see below).

And in between that I’ve been mentoring a new author, answering a barrage of customer queries, sending out brochures and having meetings with various hotels, as well as making bookings, organising cast and sorting out all the rehearsals!

And then there’s the print on demand orders, the ebay shop sales, the new products to list, the postage and packaging (and several trips on the push bike to the post office as the crime scene scarves and deluxe kits won’t fit in the letter box at Tescos) ordering up new stock ready for christmas (yes, it’s that word again)…walking the dog, feeding the kids, keeping on top of the washing and ironing, swimming and dancing (that’s the kids not me), and all the business meetings and socialising, it’s been a busier month then ever!

Added into all that, I’ve just had my first stab at a murder mystery screenplay which has just today been printed out to be sent to the BBC writersroom for their usual rejection letter.

And I still haven’t mentioned the extension… At home things are in upheaval as various walls come out and new walls go up!

Anyway – that’s it for excuses. I will TRY to blog at least once a week… and of course I’ll let you know the minute my usual rejection letter comes through.

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