Warmer weather…

Hurray – summer is finally here, and for the first time this year I decided that it was too hot for trousers and put on a dress.

You can tell how infrequently that happens in my world by what happened next.

As usual I go to pick my eldest up from school (she’s 5) and wait by the door.

The door opens, Iona looks around and tells her teacher I’m not there! I wave and call her by name, and a flash of recognition crosses her little face.

As she gets to me she says, in a very condescending manner:

“Mummy, what are you wearing?”


6 Replies to “Warmer weather…”

  1. Kids! When my daughter was little, she used to ask "why didn't I were a dress and high heels while I did my housework?" ???? I guess she watched too many sit-coms from the 50's!!!! LOL

  2. When I quizzed her why she didn't recognise me, her answer was even more strange:"You looked like the sea." I suppose it was a blue dress with wavy patterns on it, but I didn't think I'd put on THAT much weight!

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