Well, after just over two weeks on twitter, I suppose I can pass some comments on it. Though it’ll take me a long while before I consider myself an expert, or get as many followers as some celebs!

It’s an interesting social networking tool, with people posting random comments, or directing replies to specific people. You can ignore people without seeming rude, and get involved in conversations with people you’d never naturally meet, like celebrities, or “real” writers (those that are actually published or have their work transmitted in film or TV). In short it’s fun, and for me, who looks for distraction on screen when the writing block kicks in, it’s cheaper (or should I say cheeper) than ebay!

One weird thing though… just occaisionally you get some odd “twilight zone” moments. Mention key words such as “tax” and suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, a bunch of tax advisers are following you. Or, as a fellow twitterite reported today, mention a chain store like “Greggs” and within minutes “Greggs the bakers” have signed up as a follower!

Strangely, despite mentioning the words: gun, semtex, letter bombs and poison gas, the CIA have been remarkably absent… but then again, perhaps they are watching me and are signed in as an alias.

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