The monthly update…

Obviously the business must cycle on a monthly basis, as here we are, basically a month on, and I finally have time to update the blog!

Since last visit we’ve hosted the birthday party for my daughter. “A Mediaeval Mystery” – her request – which she and her friends thoroughly enjoyed.

See castle cake (looking slightly windswept) below:

The house extension rumbles on… but it’s so close to being finished now… just the floor to go. Anyone would think we’d added 8 rooms or something…the length of time it’s taken, but in reality it’s only about 3 foot extra onto the dining room and knocking out the kitchen wall. The problem has been caused by the original constructors of our house in 1901… no lintels…no mortar between the bricks… no damp-proof membrane under the floor. All of which complicated what would otherwise have been a very simple process. Still… the builders have done us proud and we’re in the end stages now and the house (against all the odds) hasn’t fallen down! Phew!

I’ve got a new nephew over in the States. Oliver William. Very Cute baby photos – I’m keeping up to date on facebook.

Red Herring Games has gone totally berzerk with orders (which is expected at this time of year) and all writing has had to take a back seat while we’re getting orders sent to customers across the globe. I’m beginning to wish I had one of those huge pin board maps so I can put pins in whenever I send an order to an area, just to see where they all end up. But it’s probably too late for that now…. But… I still haven’t sent one to Tristan DaCuna yet – so if anyone knows anyone there who wants a murder mystery party it’ll make my day! 🙂

Things are gearing up slowly for the Charity event on the 11th March. Will post more details shortly… keep your eyes pealed…

Otherwise it’s just the steady churning of the printer and the rapidly cooling temperatures in Grimsby to contend with.

Fortunately I can think while I pack… so I’ve got LOADS of ideas for new screenplays, books and murder mysteries. It’s just having the time to do them!

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  1. Hi Joanne! Don't know if you remember me – I went to YP at GBC from 2003-2006 (I used to be Laura Groot, now Laura Nancarrow) when you and your husband did a bit of youth leading. I remember being at your house once in a while, I think for master chef once?? Anyways I just found your blog via Kirsty Bosley's so thought I would say hello!I'm a youth minister now and as a youth team we do a murder mystery night every year around Christmas as a social. I never realised you write them, that's so awesome!! If you have any great suggestions for a murder mystery for a group of 9 let me know! =)Hope you're wellLauraxxx

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