School Easter Break

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks with the kids off school. Tomorrow they go back and I recover some writing time.

Not that I haven’t been busy. It’s just not all been work, work, work. Even so, between trips to the model railway, a day trip to the north york moors (fossil hunting at Robin Hoods bay and a trip to Grosmont), swimming, Scunthorpe Museum, visiting numerous play areas, digging out my daughter’s vegetable plot and adding manure (I can’t believe I have to pay for it… all those years on the farm when I was younger devalued the price of dung somewhat…) I’ve roughed out a few new murder mystery plots, written a scavenger hunt for the Caxton Theatre “Mile of Smiles” event in Cleethorpes on the 31st, come up with yet another idea for a novel, and put together half of a new game while travelling to and from a family funeral which will give me a head start ready for this week – so keep your eyes peeled for “Murder at Merkister Hall” which should hopefully be live by June.

We’ve also had another hotel booking for June 10th – this will be the first event I haven’t overseen myself (as I’m at the BNI conference that day). I’m not sure what I’m more nervous about, being there, or not being there… Casting is underway for that as I type – so if you fancied yourself as a 20 something Jane Austin character get in touch.

Anyway – needless to say the spring cleaning still hasn’t happened yet – in fact, the house has got so bad there is a big cupboard in the dining room we can’t open without making a grab for all the contents to stop them spilling out all over the floor. So today – it’s tidy up time for me and the kids.

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