I was asked the other day about poetry.  Did I know anyone who wrote poems to order.  Oddly enough – I did.  Me!

While most people know me as a murder mystery author, much of my early creative writing life was spent writing poetry and my “claim to fame” is winning 3rd prize in the national scottish poetry competition when I was a teenager.

Problem is – poetry, as a rule, doesn’t sell, and it’s also very subjective.  But I do take the odd commission.

The most recent commissions have been for rhyming poems to go in children’s books, but the one I liked the best was the one I wrote for a wedding a few years ago.  The Bride and Groom gave me a picture of a butterfly perched on a dragon’s nose and asked me to write a poem to go with the picture.  I love dragons myself, and enjoyed writing it for them.

It’s been a while now since the wedding, so I figured I could probably share the poem on-line over Christmas for others to enjoy.


 The Dragon and the Butterfly

A dazzling frail rainbow,

swift amid the smoke and flames,


landing on the hardened scales like feather.

Such lightness of touch.

A gentleness never witnessed.

A beauty never beheld.

A fragility so different.


They regard each other.

The strong and the weak.

The lumbering and the elegant.

The impervious and the vulnerable.

Each the contradiction of the other,

and yet in both, a similarity:

The joy of flight,

the shared experience of travelling where others only dream.


They linger, unwilling to part,

In the pause – admiration,

In the stillness – restlessness,

In the silence – longing.

Each is a manifestation of the other’s desire.


Their differences bind them.

Yearning drives them to transform.

A kaleidoscope of colours.

A wonder never witnessed.

The delicate joins with the strong,

giving weakness to strength

meekness to majesty

frailty to power.

It is the realisation of dreams.

Only together are they complete

Only together are they whole.

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