Marathon game formatting

Today has seen the first of the new round of games go live on the site.

This is the first of four brand new games to hit the site in the current month and my eyes have gone all googly. (Not google, please note, I’m not interested in the search engine rankings, it’s googly as it bozz eyed). Writing the games is one thing, but after writing them, they all need formatting ready for sale which takes around 7 -9 hours. Then they have to be married up to the voice over speeches and then uploaded onto the website for sale.

First to get the voice over is The Dangerous Despair of B-List Superheroes, by Mark and Kathy Pitchford. So that went live this morning.

Voice overs are still pending for “An Educational Execution” (one of mine) and “Death of a Dallas Dynasty” (one of Kathy Roberson’s), but they are both at least formatted and in the wings, added to them I’ve still got another two with the editor “Death at Tiffanys” and “Murder at Merkister Hall” – which reminds me I still need to construct a clue map for that last game…

Rehearsals are now underway for the 10th June event, and also the 31st May, Mile of Smiles event for Caxton Theatre on cleethorpes seafront. I’ll be down there lurking amongst the crime scene tape that day if anyone fancies a bit of “Jo-spotting”. It’s the first time I’ve had two events rehearsing at the same time, fortunately Sara Beasley is overseeing the rehearsals for the Caxton event, so I only have to work on rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s scream, and find a sword and a birthday cake…

Added to all that, I have my 10 minute talk next week at BNI, so I’ve thrown something together for that. And there seems to be a new competition out there “The Peter Ustinov Award” which kind of takes my fancy… but when I will i get the time to write something for that I wonder…? As it is, the new book has stalled (as expected) at the end of the first section of chapter 1. BUT it WILL get finished as it’s looking good.

Husband as OK’d a possible future purchase of a small mini-laptop/notebook thing once the finances have stablised. So come September I’ll be properly mobile with a small typing device so I can work away from home without carrying a museum piece laptop (which fits into a suitcase and has only 1 1/2 hours of battery life). Hooray!

Meanwhile… where did I put that scrap of paper. I feel a map calling me…

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