Lots to do… nothing unusual there!

Well… let’s see… I’ve got a script to write, a game to finish, a game to revise and a game to format and what have I done this morning?

I’ve made my son’s birthday cake!

For those who can’t tell who it is: it’s Hector the Horrible, a new troublesome truck from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Next year it is my fervent hope that Tristan will have grown out of Thomas, and I won’t have to make yet another engine. So far in the last three years I’ve made:

Boulder (for Tristan’s 2nd birthday)

Thomas the Tank Engine – (For Tristan’s 1st birthday)

Unfortunately, that year, Iona was so impressed with Thomas she wanted one for her birthday! Realising what a nightmare the Thomas shape was to make I encouraged her to settle for Diesal:

Diesal (for Iona’s 3rd birthday)

And with Iona firmly growing out of Thomas last year I thought my luck was in! Especially as she asked for a “round chocolate cake” all the way through the summer. And then, woe betide, just before her birthday we attended another girl’s party and they had commissioned a fairy castle cake and Iona changed her mind entirely! Of course, being a mother who likes to give my child what they want (at least some of the time, and within reason) I ended up slaving over this:

One day I am hoping for a “Mummy – please can I have a square cake this year?”!!!

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