Leaf Blowing…revisited

Following my previous post (read a few posts down) – I saw a very annoyed leaf blower today rounding up another batch of leaves in the local park. At the time, I figured his displeasure was probably due to the fact he’d been sent out every day to blow damp, barely moving leaves from one place to another, but it turned out his annoyance was more to do with my daughter, or to be precise her entire class.

It turns out, not fifteen minutes before I walked around the park with the dog, my daughter’s class had been out for a morning amble with their class teacher. Seeing a huge pile of leaves and being “that kind of teacher” (by that I mean one who wholly engages the class) she encouraged the class to kick through the autumn leaves, bury her in leaves, and generally mess the piles of leaves around. The kids had a great time apparently.

It was only when the actual leaf blower man turned up with his wheelbarrow to move the freshly piled leaves that the teacher realised her mistake! Oh – just the very idea of it just makes me grin uncontrollably from ear to ear…

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