Aw shucks… after a busy couple of weeks I reached the computer this morning and had no pending work to do for Red Herring Games. Obviously when I say no “pending” work – what I mean is no formatting, no customer service emails, no follow ups and no printing – after all – the writing is always there – but this morning, it was just the writing and so, after nearly 6 weeks of neglect it was the house’s turn.

I vaccuumed, I dusted, I swept and mopped, I cleaned the toilets, sinks and kitchen and basically blitzed the place. I even had a hot home cooked meal waiting for Magnus when he got home. (Domestic bliss – for him anyway.)

And so I enter the weekend with a clean house, the desk might still be topsy turvy with paperwork but underneath the cluttered top the carpet is at least free from dropped staples and strips of paper.

So I suppose this weekend I might actually begin work on a new single room cast based game… maybe… but even if I get that started, I’m not sure it will get completed until after the Christmas rush.

And as for the rest of the writing… well, the BBC still has Chasing Thunder – I think that’s been with them for three months now, and it also still has Deep Rising, which has been with them around one month. Igloo Films haven’t contacted me about any further revisions, but that film is still on-going somewhere in the background, and my brain is churning with ideas – what I need above all else is a little time right now to do some writing that isn’t murder mystery related, but I think that will be a new years resolution…

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